Suishow Inc.

Suishow Inc. is a startup founded by Natsuki Kataoka, a student at Waseda University. A group of members (10 people in total), mainly students from Tokyo University and Waseda University, who sympathize with the potential of the metaverse and blockchain, are working on NFT marketplace business and virtual space development.

Background of Suishow Market

Today's 3D content sales platforms allow for easy duplication of files, resulting in low prices that do not match their quality. Therefore, Suishow decided to create the concept of "owning" asset files by assigning NFT to them, thereby maintaining the value of the assets.

Company Info

Company Name: Suishow, Inc.

Representative: Natsuki Kataoka, CEO / Takahiro Kai, COO / Yuki Tachikawa, CTO

Location: Room 106, JK Nakano, 1-62-7, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan